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Dariusz Kulik

In 1988 after I've been graduated in a geology from the Wrocław University. I started my work on the position of geologist-specialist i "JARO" S.A. in Jaroszów. I've finished my activity in this Company as the Marketing and Development Director.
Next four years of my labour activity are connected with WZMO(The Wrocław Refractory Materials Plant) on the position of the Trade and Marketing Director
Within the "Kulik & Kusideł" Company, I'm mainly responsible for trading and marketing. It's me with whom you can negotiate prices as well as other commercial terms.
I hope that in a future, my most closer "assistans" (Ola and Maciej) (see photograph) will replace me. You can reach me under the cellular telephone number: +48 606 809 962.

Roman Kusideł

I've been graduated in a ceramics from the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Kraków. Between 1994 and 1999 I was working in "JARO" S.A. in Jaroszów as the process engineer in the technical section and as the Chief of the R & D Department.
Next three years I was the process engineer in WZMO (The Wrocław Refractory Materials Plant).
Within the "Kulik & Kusideł" Company, I'm mainly responsible for tachnical side of its activity. i try solove all your problems connected with choice and application of the insulating materials.
My cellular telephone number:+48 606 809 984
Please call. I'll do my best to help you.
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